About Evolution International Ltd

At Evolution International Ltd, we design and develop online health and safety courses that help to evolve and develop your team, to meet the growing demands and changes within your business.

Our overall aim is to provide memorable learning experiences which will impact on behavioural safety within your organisation. Courses are written by professional practitioners with over 40 years’ experience of working within a variety of national and international industries.

Our consultants deliver face to face training and have done for many years. This has enabled them to gain real insight into client’s and learner's needs, noticeably the ever increasing demand for flexible training which can be undertaken at a time to suit your organisation.

By identifying key issues, we have developed courses which encourage the learner to reflect on their learning experience, by giving them the opportunity to interpret and apply what they have learnt into their role. This is via our Reflective Exercise at the end of each non accredited course. These reflective statements are a useful tool for management which can be included within learner appraisals and within overall learning and development plans.

Helping you evolve your team with
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‘’By developing bespoke training around your actual processes, we remove the need for employees to interpret what they have learnt into their everyday working environment, making their learning experience far more effective’’.